How to trade with MarketGPT?

Trading with MarketGPT is a straightforward process that requires minimal daily involvement. Here's a tutorial video that explains it step by step:

The process is straightforward and requires only three steps:

1. Get the stock list:

Every day, MarketGPT provides a list of stocks, typically ranging from 3 to 5. These stocks should be traded on that day. The recommendation could either be "Buy", indicating a long position, or "Sell", indicating a short position.
Tip: You can find the daily list of stocks under the "Stock picks" tab in the mobile app.

2. Place your orders:

The US stock market opens each business day at 9:30 AM, New York Time. Prior to this, you should place orders for each recommended stock. This way the orders are executed as soon as the market opens, at the current market price.
Tip: The mobile app can send you a notification with the day's stocks before the market opens.

3. Close your orders:

The US stock market closes at 4 PM, New York Time. Shortly before this, you should close all the trades that you initiated that day, at the current market price. It's important not to keep the trades open overnight.
Tip: The mobile app can send you a notification reminding you to close your trades.

You only need to perform two actions each day: placing your orders in the morning and closing them in the afternoon. The number of orders to be placed each day rarely exceeds 10, so the entire process should take no more than a few minutes.

To increase your potential earnings, you can use leverage when trading the stocks. However, using Stop Loss and Take Profit options is not recommended. Our experiments show that they results in worse results because many potentially profitable trades are closed too early due to market fluctuations.

NOTE: Trading stocks and their derivatives carries risk of financial loss. Read our full risk disclaimer.